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Mango Tango Cocktail Infusion is the newest trend for your cocktail needs this summer! Combining the taste explosion of Mango, Strawberry and Lime, it's the perfect complement to any margarita, mojito or sparkling vodka. Mango Tango isn't just a blend; it enhances any cocktail recipe with its juicy, sweetness and perfectly balanced citrus tartness. Pucker up partygoers, Mango Tango is here and ready to take your summer drinks to delicious new levels.

Infusion kit contains: Mango, Strawberry, Lime and mango infused non-GMO Vegan Cane Sugar.

We LOVE pairing this infusion with our favorite Tequila, White Rum or Vodka. When it's time to make your cocktail, add 1 shot of your infusion to 4 oz. of your favorite fruit juice or ginger ale. Hot Water for a zero-proof recipe.

Infuse & Booze kit includes the size of your choice (options below):

  • Small 16 oz. Infusion (makes 8-10 cocktails) Alcohol not included.
  • Small Refill Pouch (fits 16 oz. jar, makes 8-10 cocktails) Alcohol not included.