Bloody Digger Cocktail Infusion

Bloody Digger Cocktail Infusion


Vodka is recommended with this infusion. 4 oz. Clamato Juice or Tomato Juice Celery. Salt on rim of glass. Pickled Asparagus Spear for garnish Olives and bacon for an extra treat.


In a tall glass with ice, pour 1 shot of the Bloody Digger infusion. Fill to the top with either Clamato or Tomato Juice. We also like to wet the rim of our glass with a lime and dip in celery salt.

Zero Proof

Fill your infusion kit with boiling water and cool. Refrigerate for up to 3 days. Put a 1.5 oz. shot of the Bloody Digger infused with water into a tall glass with ice and fill to the top with Clamato or Tomato Juice.